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Work Watches: A Guide for the Professional Gentleman


When it comes to selecting your perfect watch, there are various things to consider. As a gentleman, you may want to invest in a few quality pieces, to work for various situations, from work to socializing and special occasions. A watch that is suitable for your day to day job is key, particularly for those who work in an office or are regularly client facing. A watch that looks smart for the office and for meetings is an essential piece of kit for the modern day gentleman. Here’s our guide to choosing the right watch to wear to work for you…


Work watches explained


The watch you wear for work shouldn’t be the same as your dress watch, nor should it be an overly fashionable watch that features all of the latest trends. The watch you choose to wear as part of your professional attire should be relatively simple and smart. Anything too flashy will distract from what you are saying or proposing in a meeting, and may give the wrong impression when it comes to your professional manner and integrity. Your professional watch should be classic and timeless and work perfectly with your workwear wardrobe.



Work watch style


Think minimalist and traditional when it comes to style. However if you wish to add a flourish of personality or indication towards your own unique style feel free to do so. This should be done in a subtle way that isn’t over powering, keeping your workwear watch professional, but reflecting yourself as an individual.


Traditional materials and colours work well when it comes to professional style, such as black, silver and gold. If your place of work is a little more relaxed, tan may also be a great colour for your workwear watch.


When selecting your watch, you should avoid oversized cases and watch faces, but also very dainty watches too. Choose something traditional in size, that isn’t over powering but also won’t get lost on your wrist.


Here are a few of our top selections for the perfect workwear watch:

The classic date watch in black and gold is perfect due to its traditional shape and size. With a black leather strap, gold casing and clock hands, and a simple design with no numbers or Roman numerals, the classic date makes a beautifully professional watch. With simple styling this watch won’t go out of trend, and is perfect to make a great first impression.

workwear watch

Another watch that uses the classic black and gold combo is the Solitude Black Gold watch. That little bit simpler than the date watch, this style features a black case too, streamlining with the black watch strap. With a single Roman numeral at the top, the detailing on this watch makes it unique, but overall it is traditional, smart and simple. For those who prefer silver over gold, this style also comes in a silver version too.


For those of you who have a slightly more casual dress code for work, the Solitude Gold Tan watch is ideal. Still using those traditional shapes and sizing, this watch features an eye-catching leather tan wrist strap, black casing and gold details.


For a stylish yet super simple watch, choose the Solitude style in Black Black. The name speaks for itself, but this black on black style is a great way to update a traditional watch look with modern styling.


Overall, a professional watch should be pretty simple in style, traditional and smart. Avoid anything like bright colours, plastic materials or any wacky additions. Keep it classic and smart.



Your work watch style


When it comes to selecting the right watch for you, it’s important to think about your own personal style, and what you already wear to work. Think about the colours you wear, the general finish, accessories you already use for professional settings, and comfort too.


If you often wear gold details, such as a gold belt buckle to work, a watch with gold details will work best. Where as if you wear silver accessories, such as cufflinks, opt for a watch with silver details. The work look should be streamlined to help you look as neat and professional as possible, and so matching your watch with your other accessories can help to achieve this.

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If your office dress code is a little more casual, you may want to consider a watch that uses tan leather over black, and could even introduce a little colour into your work watch style. If you do introduce colour, keep it low key to ensure you still look professional. The Classic Date Watch in rose gold is ideal. The subtle rose gold finish adds a bit of interest to this otherwise traditional style, and the blue clock hands add a pop of colour.


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