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LORD Timepieces Review by Jack Fowler

Jack Fowler Love Island Wearing the Bolt Rose GoldLord Timepieces teamed up with Jack Fowler back in 2018 after he appeared on season 4 of the revived series of Love Island. We asked Jack Fowler to become one of our ambassadors. After being dumped from the island Jack has been extremely busy, so we decided to ask him a few questions on how he spends and manages his time, how he remains productive and what keeps him motivated. We also asked Jack to review some of his favourite Lord Watches.

Which Lord Timepieces is your favourite and why?

I am an avid watch collector, and I have reviewed several watches in the past. One of my favourite pieces definitely the Bolt Rose Gold. The brushed stainless 40mm steel case is a good size for my wrist, the watch has weight to it which makes it feel really high quality. The screws on the bezel of the watch give the piece a great aesthetic paired with the skeleton dial, which always gets people talking. Better yet, the watch is really affordable compared to how expensive it actually looks. People don’t believe that it's’ under £100, and I always have to show them the price on the website to convince them!

I also love the Chrono Gunmetal Tan, I asked the guys at Lord Timepieces to hook me up with this piece after coming across a review published on a blog that i came across. The dial details on this are breathtaking, the 45mm stainless steel case is well made with a genuine Chrono movement (Miyota Chronograph Quartz) and the colour combination of this watch completed this piece. I love how the tan leather strap contrast with the gunmetal grey case and blue second hand. I usually wear this piece when going out on casual occasions. Many of the new watch brands don’t have genuine chronological movements, but this piece does, so once again, for the price, this is great value for money. 

How do you manage time?
I have a calendar that helps me manage my time, it’s a huge help. I structure my day by having set times to do things so that I don’t rush everything in one go. Generally, I split my days up into mornings, afternoons and evenings to ensure that I remain productive, focussed and also to make sure have some time to relax for myself!

What do you like to do when you've got some spare time?
I go to the gym on a daily basis which helps me wind down, fitness is a passion of mine. I also play Fifa with my friends and try finding time to relax by myself. I do enjoy my sleep. I am recharged after a good night's sleep, which allows me to be more productive the following day.

What keeps you motivated?
I’m never satisfied, I am hungry to achieve as much as I possibly can, to become the best version of myself. Whether it be in regards to my career, sport or gym progress I want to continuously move forward and improve every single day. I also look at difficult situations from a positive perspective; as learning curves which ultimately develop me as a person further.

Who is your inspiration?
I look up to music artists such as Drake and Chris Brown, the music that they produce is awesome! I also love Chris Brown’s fashion sense. My parents have also inspired me from a young age, I watched how they grew more and more successful as I got older, and they have kept me motivated through the good and bad times in life.

How do you like to spend your time?
It has got to be my experience being on Love Island - one of the best things I’ve ever done! Life changed for the better once l left Love Island,  I met several people that I used to look up to and became very good friends with them.

What has been the best time/moment in your life?
It has to be Love Island - one of the best things I’ve ever done. Enjoying the wave ever since Love Island and just meeting people I used to look up to and I still look up to and being on a friend level with them.

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