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Winter Styling Tips We Swear By


At Lord Timepieces we love staying up to date with the latest Winter trends in the fashion industry. However, we also have some die-hard Winter Styling Tips that we swear by each and every year to save us from the cold. Whilst our weather appropriate styling tips stay the same, they can be tailored accordingly to meet the needs of the fashion-conscious as trends change... you don't have to be frozen to stay fashionable ladies!


Invest in a Big Cosy Coat

In Winter nothing is more important than the coat you team with your hats, gloves and scarves to fight the cold climate. Our tip is to invest in a warm coat, do not kid yourself, you won’t be warm in your leather jacket! Luckily this year faux fur and bright puffa jackets are all the rage, they will upgrade your outfits and are sure to keep you toasty warm. 


Rock a Statement Over-Sized Scarf

If you have opted for a plain coat this Winter then spice it up with a statement over-sized scarf. On a dull winter day an over-sized scarf with a statement print will bring your outfit to life in unbearable British temperatures.


Layer Up

Always. Layer. Up. Layers are both essential and practical but do not equate to a lack of style. We suggest donning a pair of skin-coloured tights under ripped jeans or thermals under a fitted sweatshirt – no one will even notice they are there. However if you are layering up more obviously, try and stay monochromatic.


Buy some Boots

Nothing is worse than cold toes. Thankfully boots never go out of style in Winter, whether a pair of black leather ankle boots, heeled-over-the-ankle boots or this season’s much-loved pair of thigh-highs. Thigh-highs even count as layering up!