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What your Watch Style says About you


Whether we’re aware of it or not, our style and the pieces we choose to wear communicate a message about us to others. Defining our own unique style and reflecting our personality, it’s the details that count when it comes to communicating a message about who you are. From the shoes you wear and the bag you carry to your watch, the smaller details go a long way towards completing your look.


What may seem like a smaller factor, but is in fact something that we all pick up on, is your watch. With so many varieties, a watch is a truly personal thing. Further more, many of us only own one or two watches, and will own them for an average of 10 years. With this in mind, it means that the watch is something we think carefully about purchasing, taking the time to consider our personal preferences and elements of our style. This is why the watch can speak volumes about who you are, what you do, how adventurous you might be, or how reserved you are. This single accessory tells a lot about the wearer…


1. Traditional


If your watch is traditional in style, with a small case, leather strap and in traditional materials such as brown or black leather, or gold or silver, it’s likely you are a fairly modest and reserved person. The traditional watch style generally means you like to play things safe, but a slight twist to the design could communicate that you don’t always follow the rules. If you’ve selected a somewhat traditional watch, but with a unique element, such as a large watch face, or watch hands in a contrasting colour, you may favour traditional styling, but love a contemporary twist.



2. Bright Colours


Few people select a watch that uses only bright colours, but a bright pop of colour could communicate the fact that you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Watches consisting of bright colours and bright colours alone could date quickly, so if you’ve chosen something really out there, this shows that you’re not afraid of risk. If you’ve gone for a pop of colour, you might be the type of person who thinks carefully about the bigger decisions that you make in life, but you like to apply an unexpected twist, and avoid becoming predictable.



3. Rose Gold


This updated twist on the classic metal options of gold and silver communicates that you enjoy the luxe things in life, but that you also follow trends and enjoy being fashionable. It may be important to you that others feel you are stylish too, and you take pleasure in adding the finishing touches to your look, as you know just how important these are. If you have selected a simple rose gold style, overall your look is classic but with a modern twist. If you’ve gone for a chunky bolder finish, you enjoy the idea of drawing attention to yourself through your style, and like to receive compliments about your choices.



4. Skeleton


Skeleton watches are big right now, and those that choose to follow this trend may have a unique trait. If you chose a skeleton style, you might be naturally quite a curious person. In addition you encourage people to ask you questions, and like to surprise people with unusual pieces. The skeleton style is quite striking, and so this piece naturally generates a response and results in people asking questions about your look.


4. Chunky


The chunky watch is a real social status symbol. We instantly pair this watch style with someone wealthy and who likes to communicate their status through what they choose to wear. If you have opted for a chunky watch, it’s likely that you like people to know how much something might of cost you, which further communicates a message about who you are and your level of success.



5. Small


If you have chosen a watch that is small and dainty, it could be said that you are a gentle and considerate person. We tend to choose small watches when we are quite private people, to avoid drawing too much attention to ourselves. However we may still choose unique and on trend finishes, such as rose gold, as despite wanting to avoid too much attention, for many private people style and trends are still important and something to indulge in.


Which watch style have you chosen? Or perhaps you have several to suit different moods or occasions? If you’re looking to upgrade your watch style, browse our collection now.