Watches from our men's range for the upcoming party season

Watches from our men's range for the upcoming party season

The festive season will soon be upon us - that means socialising and dressing to impress. Whether you’ll be attending parties, events, nights out or just catching up with friends or family this is a special time of the year where it's acceptable to really spoil ourselves with food, drinks and lots of treats. More importantly, it’s a period where we will be seen as lots of gatherings and this means dressing up for the right occasions. Here at Lord Timepieces we believe that a watch can make or break a look - so below we list four watches from our stunning collection to help complete your party season style.







Friends' Dinner Parties - The Classic Tan

A watch that's perfect for casual dinner parties with friends - which let's face it, tend to come thick and fast during this time of the year. This
Classic Tan timepiece comes in at a size of 41.5mm with a case thickness of only 7mm. This watch has a classic analog dial and uses a Japanese Quartz movement. The colour enables flexibility with a wide range of outfits guaranteed to compliment the smart casual attire expected at dinner parties. An effortlessly sophisticated watch designed to complete any outfit planned for your evening out. 


Navigator: Work Outings & Events

Have a work outing scheduled this season? Look no further - The Navigator is a stylish watch for men that provides the perfect aesthetic for those company gatherings. We all know it’s important to show your personality outside of work with colleagues but it's just as important to acknowledge the different levels of formality.This timepiece offers an automatic self-wound mechanical movement, analog display and calendar function - designed to generate accurate timekeeping. This elegant timepiece radiates luxury to onlookers and is the ideal accessory for all those smart dressed work events. 


Apollo: Partying Season

This unique timepiece is the choice for those who decide to go out to play during the partying season. This watch is excellent for these occasions as it is resilient and provides practical features, for example it is water resistant. The Apollo possesses a stunning gold and blue skeleton interior with a bold black exterior and band. This is a fine watch for men as it is equipped to be both fashionable and functional, appropriate for those who are seeking a good time and want a reliable, solid timepiece.




Heritage - Family Meet-ups

Its that time of year where family get together and you are in the spotlight on the receiving end of continuous questions. Time to direct that attention away - the solution is simple and it's called the Heritage. This stunning timepiece is a statement in itself - boasting an exquisite ivory-white and royal-gold tone. This sublime watch is crafted to impress at family get-togethers, with its meticulous craftsmanship and detailed bezel. With a size of 44.5mm and a thickness of 14.5mm, this fits comfortably on the wrist which is perfect for those never-ending family gatherings that go on long into the night.