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Top Watch Trends for Women in 2017

The New Year means that we are looking ahead at the trends set to take over in 2017. With a variety of new styles on the scene, how do you select which is the right style for you? Typically, we invest in a new timepiece every 5-10 years, so it’s important to choose a style that will last. But equally, with so many amazing and stylish trends hitting the market, it’s difficult not to want to pick up several amazing pieces!


To help you make an educated decision, here’s our selection of the top watch trends for 2017, with key investment pieces and statement pieces alike…



  1. Classic Grey Tones


Throughout 2016, grey was a popular colour in both fashion and interior design. Charcoal and slate tones were particularly popular, with warmer greys being on the hit list too. Grey is set to be even more in-demand during 2017, with this colour trend now being translated in timepieces.


What seems like a simple colour can easily be made to look high-end and luxurious. Our Classic grey watch features a warm and soft grey leather wrist strap, with a rose gold case, making it so on trend but also timeless due to the delicate styling. Feminine and conservative, this is the ideal choice if you’re looking to upgrade your current timepiece to something more on trend, but that won’t date.





  1. Luxe

 Ladies Watch

Luxurious finishes are set to be big in 2017, with gold, rose gold and copper all being popular materials. Silver takes a step back for the season, with warmer metals being considered more luxurious and highly sought-after. While the paired back look fits in with some of this seasons trends, the luxe look is all about enhancing your style with a watch that looks seriously high-end.



Our Classic Date watch in black is the ideal way to nail this trend. With gold casing and gold watch hands, the black face is ultra contrasting; making the metal on this style really pops. The style is kept simple with no numbers of roman numerals, leaving the deep black and glossy gold to do the talking.



  1. Eternally Classic

 Classic Ladies Watch

A recent trend that isn’t set to disappear anytime soon is the idea of investing in quality over quantity. With several bloggers and editors writing about this way of life, and expressing that investing in statement pieces over multiple pieces can have multiple benefits, the trend of eternally classic is a logical one for 2017.


Investing in key pieces is all about focusing on quality, and making decisions to purchase items without being overly influenced by fast fashion trends. Watches in traditional and classic styles are popular in 2017, simply because they have always been stylish, and won’t date quickly.


Our Classic Tan watch is the ideal style when you are looking for something that is on trend but will last for years to come. With a leather wrist strap in tan, a white watch face and gold casing, this watch encompasses a variety of traditional styles, to create something new and on trend.



  1. Skeleton

 Ladies Skeleton Watch

The final trend that we’re loving for 2017, is the skeleton watch. A popular trend in 2016, the skeleton watch is due to stay for the year ahead. This unusual design includes detail like no other style, it’s clear to see why this trend took off so quickly. The classic watch style sees the intricate work within the watch hidden by the watch face, but skeleton watches celebrate the mechanics of the timepiece.


Not just a case of removing the watch face, skeleton watches showcase the most impressive and beautiful parts of the mechanism. Creating a style that offers the perfect fusion between vintage and modern, a skeleton watch is the perfect choice if you favour a vintage style with a twist.


With some skeleton watches exposing the entire mechanism under the clock face, our Victoria watch offers an updated design, for a more feminine look. We’re particularly found of our Victoria watch in white. In a traditional style, the watch is updated with a small circular cut out, exposing the work under the watch face. It is finished with gold casing, roman numerals and delicate encrusted crystals, and is also available in black for those who favour a bolder style.


With various trends to choose from, there is something to suit everyone in 2017, and lots of exciting styles and designs to get involved with. Take the time to think about your own personal style and needs, and consider whether you want to opt for something really on trend, or a little more classic. To help you decide, why not browse our collection of women’s watches, from on trend styles, to timeless pieces that will last for years to come. Browse here.