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Top Watch Trends for Men in 2017

A New Year means a new watch, right?


This time of year, many of us are on the hunt for a new luxury timepiece to start off the New Year in sophisticated style. You’ll want a watch that will catch the eyes of passer-byes and make your friends green with timepiece envy all year round, after all it is important that the watch you choose is one that will still be in trend at the end of 2017, as well as the start. However, the watch industry is a little different to the rest of the fashion industry in that definite trends are hard to be sure of and predict… but that does not stop experts in the industry providing us with their best guesses. And, more often than not, they tend to be right in their predictions.


Here at Lord Timepieces we consider ourselves experts in the luxury timepiece world, and with all our knowledge and experience we’ve come up with the Top Male Watch Trends that we believe will truly take take the world by storm in 2017 alongside some of our best suggestions to help you on your 2017 search. Believe us when we say, the watch industry is about to get creative...


Steel will Steal the Show


Steel Watch

2016 saw the growing popularity of steel watches and this trend is set to continue into 2017. Steel has always been a constant in the watch industry and sold consistently throughout the years, but we think this year steel is going to steal the show. A steel watch looks sleek and sophisticated on your wrist, whether paired with a smart suit or your daily attire. Our Cavalier Watch (£65) has a gun metal grey steel strap and face to compliment the golden skeleton interior featured on the face. This watch’s sharp case promises to please those looking for a watch with an edge.



Pilot Watches Set to Take Off


Pilot Watches

Pilot watches are inspired by aviation and typically consist of a large open dial, with a round case, easy to read hands alongside a small sub dial or traditional second hand. With their impressive but clear features, Pilot watches are the perfect timepieces to transitioning from day-to-night and that is where their primary appeal lies. Heading into 2017, we think these classic watches with their powerful movements are a sure trend. Our Solitude Black Gold is a Pilot Watch that oozes with timelessness, the strap is a powerful black whilst the matte black face for a classic effect. The hands steal the show with this timepiece and provide a cool contrast with their golden gleam. A perfect choice for those who live in black.


Modern Materials Matter


Modern men's watch

Niche, modern brands rocked the boat in 2016, and it is clear that innovative designs with modern materials will influence the entire watch world this year. Textural contrast is set to be a top watch trend in 2017 for those men who want to make a statement with a modern, innovative watch. Watches with a silicone strap and silver metal case successfully portray it’s wearer as the modern man; it is also a great match for those men looking for something with a little more wear and tear. Our Bolt Watch is big and bold in appearance with a futuristic feel and creative flare that has missing from the watch scene in previous years.



Fancy Skeleton Faces


Men's skeleton watches

Skeleton faces were everywhere in 2016 and we’re pretty sure you’ll continue to see them on everyone’s wrists throughout 2017. They are a trend that won’t back down. Skeleton watches grace watches with a detail like no other design. Discreet classic watches hide the intricate work behind the timepiece, but skeleton watches celebrate their dial with aesthetic elegance. This style of face is often most popular among men who embrace an enduring vintage style and when coupled with a leather strap will stun like no other watch. Our Heritage Watch embodies exactly what the name suggests, it’s roman numeral hands and striking blue hands will compliment a classic blazer day or night.  


Bright, Bold Colours


In addition to classic styles, and some new trends this season, another style to look out for is watches in bold and bright colours. While watches made primarily with bright colours in various shades might go out of fashion quite quickly, this season we are seeing an update on the classic watch colours, combining traditional shades with a bold pop of colour. Our Bolt Watch in Blue, Black and Gold is the ideal way to implement the colourful trend this season. The classic style is brought to life with a blue watch face, which contrasts against the black dial and gold wrist strap. If blue isn’t your thing, check out our Classic Red on Black. This simple style is updated with contrasting watch hands, which pop against the black finish.


The Bigger the Face, the Better


Men's watches 

In keeping with the bold theme, watch faces get a super-sized update for 2017. Best suited to those with a modern style, large watch faces challenge the classic watch style. The bold design makes the perfect statement piece, and is best teamed with an otherwise simple look. Try our Noble Rose Gold Black Leather watch, which features a simple and classic design, with a large watch face.



Ready to try a new trend for 2017? Which style will you choose? Let us know!