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Top 5 Winter Travel Destinations

Summer seems like a lifetime away as we enter into December. However, as much as we seem to think, travel is not just reserved for Summer and getting away during the Winter months can give you a much-needed break. Whether you are looking for Christmassy weekend getaway, or family holiday in the Winter Sun, at Lord Timepieces we have something for everyone in our Top 5 Travel Winter Destinations...

1. Rovaniemi, Finland

It is a bit of a cliche but haven't you always dreamt of visiting the home of Santa Claus? If you are looking for a travel destination with lots of Christmas spirit then this is the place for you. Think snow, reindeer and sleigh-bells galore. With or without kids, it is a sure hit.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark.

For a romantic fairytale Winter getaway with the snow that Finland offers but with much cheaper prices, head to Copenhagen. It has got beautiful scenery and an abundance of cosy bars, cafes and restaurants serving glogg (Denmark’s equivalent of Mulled Wine) all day long.

3. New York City, USA.

How could NYC not be on this list? For those with a larger budget seeking a longer trip, NYC is a great option. Go ice-skating in Central Park in December or spent Valentines Day at the Natural History Museum ‘under the stars’; there's something for all.

4. Jasna, Slovakia.

If you want to hit the slops this Winter Slovakia might not be a destination that first springs to mind. However, in Jasna there are some amazing mountain resorts with food and accommodation available at affordable prices. Perfect for a budget ski-trip.

5. Tenerife, the Canary Islands.

For those in need of some last minute winter sun, Tenerife is a lovely at this time of year. With its fantastic hiking trails and 20 degree heat it will make for a wonderful Winter family getaway.