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How to Match your Watch to your Style

A watch is a key investment piece, and should be chosen carefully. There are various elements to take into consideration, one of which is your own personal style. For a watch that will work for you for years to come, it’s important to take the time to consider your own sense of style, rather than current trends and what other people like. Read on to find out how to match your watch to your style…





First and foremost, it’s important to note that one watch may not work for all occasions. You may want to consider investing in an every day watch, which will work with your casual style, and a second watch for formal wear. This is more prominent for men. Think of it this way; you’re at a black tie event, one of the attendees is dressed well, he has a well fitting suit on, that looks like it may have been tailored to fit him perfectly, over-all he looks great, but you notice his watch; a Casio wrist watch with a rubber strap, which instantly downgrades his entire look.

Classic men's watch

If you do prefer a more casual look for day to day, and your style is naturally more casual, consider investing in an additional watch for formal wear. An ideal option is the Classic Date in black. It’s timeless style means you can rely on this piece for formalwear for years to come.


On the plus side, strictly speaking, most formal watches also work with casual styles. So if you plan on investing in just one piece, choose something formal, that will work for black tie and work, as well as weekends.



Casual Wear


A day to day watch needn’t be dull or simple, and the watch you choose to wear every day really should reflect your own personal style.

Skeleton Men's Watch

For those who favor an eclectic look, consider a skeleton watch, which unlike a traditional style, displays the mechanisms and movements within the watch. The Oxford watch combines traditional styling with an eclectic feel perfectly, and the contrasting gold mechanism with blue clock hands makes this watch truly unique.


If you tend to lean towards simple but contemporary design, a modern watch with clean lines and minimal colour combinations is ideal. Our Solitude watch in black and gold makes for the perfect contemporary style and uses a classic colour combination of black and gold. Choosing a watch that doesn’t use numbers or feature heavy design on the watch face is key to the contemporary look. In addition, watches that feature the same colour case, watch face and strap will keep your look simple.


Traditionalists may prefer a style that can be traced back to the 19th century, when pocket watches were worn by the professional gentlemen. Elements of 19th century designs are still seen across modern styles, and in many ways watches haven’t changed a lot over the past 200 years. For those to prefer a more traditional style, the Nobel watch in rose gold and tan is ideal.

Ladies watch

For women who want a watch that they can wear during the day and the evening, the Classic Grey watch is ideal. The combination of a timeless grey strap and rose gold case means this watch strikes the perfect balance between formal and casual, perfect for all occasions.




It’s important to take colours and shades into careful consideration when choosing your watch style. As with everything else, colours can quickly go out of fashion. If you’re looking to invest in a piece which you hope to be able to wear and treasure for a long time, it’s important to avoid being swayed by trends and evaluate which colours suit your style best.


Simplicity is key when it comes to selecting a piece that will be timeless. Avoid bold colours and quirky design when you’re shopping for an investment piece. On the flip-side, of course if you are looking for a watch that does reflect current trends and only plan to wear it for the next two years or so, by all means purchase something that you really love and that fits perfectly with current trends. But if you’re set on getting that will last a lifetime, focus on timeless colours and design.

Men's watch

Try the Solitude watch in black and silver for a piece that’s contemporary enough that it’s stylish and simple, but traditional in its use of colour.



The Strap


The final element to consider when choosing your perfect watch is the strap style. Choosing from a leather, fabric or metal strap can be difficult, and there are a few plus sides to each. Ultimately, a leather or metal strap is likely to last longer than a fabric strap and these options do tend to look a little more high end. Choosing the right strap really comes down to personal style. Do you prefer a contrasting leather strap against the metal of the watch case, or does a streamline look of metal case and strap work better with your style? Consider your current style choices to help you decide what will work best for you.



Your personal style should be considered when choosing the perfect watch for you, but it’s also important to consider your requirements and how long you hope to wear the watch for. Browse our collections here to find your ideal watch style.