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How to Care for your Timepiece

When purchasing a luxury watch you want to get your money's worth. Although Lord Timepieces watches are designed to last generations in their accuracy and provision, it is a known fact in the watch industry that taking a little time to care for your watch can increase wearing time significantly….and it’s not difficult, we promise. To help you care for your Lord Timespieces watch, preserve it’s value and ensure it lasts a lifetime we’re sharing some of our top timepiece tips…


Read Your Watch Maintenance Manual

The biggest error watch-owners makes when it comes to to caring for their timepiece is failing to read their watch maintenance manual. The manual will clearly lay out how to care for your watch with tips relevant to your model. Read it.


Clean, Clean, Clean and Clean Again

It is crucial that you clean your watch as often as possible to care for it correctly and contrary to many the belief of many it is quick and fairly simple. Carefully follow the steps in your watch’s maintenance manual to clean it’s face and strap separately. Every watch is different, so cleaning an automatic self-wind watch with a leather strap like our Kingston Black (will differ from cleaning a Swiss Quartz movement watch like the Bolt Black. Your manual with provide specific instructions for your model.


Service Every Three Years

Whether you are the owner of a mechanical, quartz or automatic watch, at Lord Timepieces we recommend getting your watch serviced every three years or so to make sure everything is in check. Although bare in mind that quartz watches batteries will potentially need servicing more for a regular change of battery.


Test Water Resistance Yearly

If you have water resistant watch like our very own Bolt it is advisable to have a water-resistance check carried out every year by an authorised watchmaker. In addition, if your watch has a leather band you should avoid getting even the smallest amounts of water on it as water can weaken the material.


Steer Clear of Magnets

Magnetic fields can disturb watch settings so it is best to avoid magnets when wearing your luxury timepiece to keep your watch in tip top condition and functioning accurately for as long as possible.


Strictly No Extreme Temperatures or Sunlight

Finally, it is important to stay clear of extended exposure to sunlight when wearing your Lord Timepieces watch as sunlight can fade its colour, particularly with regards to leather straps. Additionally, extreme heat can also shorten battery life so it is in your best interest to keep your timepiece out of the sun. Don’t take your Solitude Black Black on holiday and wear it at the pool… save it for the evening instead.