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Finding Your Timeless Watch Style

Finding a watch that best represents your sense of style can feel quite overwhelming, especially for those looking to invest in a statement piece. Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic or a bold investment, try opting for a watch style that is true to your character.

The key to finding the perfect watch style is to be confident in your choice. With a wide variety of classic and modern styles, try to look for a style that finishes your look with a little piece of you.

Our watches tend to be one of our favourite accessories that stick with us on every occasion. So to help you find your timeless watch style, we have compiled together some of our favourite looks, both old and new. 


Mesh Strap

The mesh strap has certainly been a fashion favourite over the last few years. Adopting a luxurious and chic style, the mesh strap is a popular choice amongst the ladies. Our Classic Gold Ladies watch is ideal for those looking to add a classy touch to their accessory wardrobe. Indulged with stainless steel mesh in gold, the ivory white face creates a beautiful contrast against the golden tones. Perfect for those opting for a show-stopping style.



The Leather Strap

You can never go wrong with the leather strap style. Classic, stylish and elegant, the leather strap has always been a style staple in the world of watches. Available in a variety of colours, one of our favourites here at Lord Timepiece has to be the Solitude Black Gold Tan watch. Boasting sophistication and luxurious craftsmanship, our Tan watch is perfect for an everyday style.


The Mechanical Watch Face

For those seeking an uber modern style, then why not look for a watch style with a mechanical watch face? Showcasing the raw skeleton of the watch, our Emperor watch is the perfect choice for those looking for a bold and audacious style.


Rose Gold

It’s no secret that Rose Gold has been the go-to style choice over the last year. Encompassing elegance and luxury, rose gold has been a favourite amongst both men and women. Available in both mesh straps and leather straps, there are some many rose gold favourites. For those looking for a full rose gold indulgence, then why not browse our Classic Rose Gold watch style? A perfect accessory that adds character to your style, our rose gold watch complements a modern style.