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Finding the Right Watch Size for your Wrist

One of the most important things when buying a watch is finding one that fits your wrist perfectly and simultaneously suits your personal style. We all have different wrist sizes and there are so many watches to choose from. Typically, if you have larger hands you won't want a face so small that your hands dwarf the timepiece, or if you have smaller hands, one that takes over your wrist.

Indeed, it can be a tricky and daunting task when everyone’s taste is subjective. However, although there is no size guide, there are a few rules that we suggest following to help you find something that fits you well and you feel good wearing.

To help you find the right watch size for your wrist as the Boxing Day Sales commence we’ve put together a comprehensive guide of tips, just read on...


Check the Lugs of the Watch

To find the right watch size for your wrist, first check the watch’s lugs. Lugs are the holes that hold the strap and attach it to the face. Make sure the lugs don’t stretch over the ends of your wrist, if they do the watch is probably too big. Although you might want the watch to fill your wrist, you don’t want the watch case diameter to be larger than your wrist. Whereas if the lugs are a long way off the ends of your wrist, then this watch is probably a little small for you, especially in regards to men (who in most cases do not want a dainty watch).



Measure the Watch Case Thickness

At Lord Timepieces we believe it is important that a watch embodies your personal style. For example, for those who prefer a more vintage, or classic looking watch like our 40mm wide Heritage, it is important to recognise that these styles tend to be a little smaller. By ensuring this style watch has a thicker case you will avoid the timepiece looking disproportionate. Trust us, our Heritage is the answer.


Always Consider your Style

It is important to consider the content of your wardrobe when finding the right size watch for your wrist. Why, you might ask? If you like to sport button-down shirts with cuffs then a watch with an over-sized face or thick watch case thickness like our Cavalier could be tricky to wear under cuffs. It might be best for you to try out a thinner case thickness like the Noble Rose Gold.



Most important of all you need the watch feel feel comfortable. Remember there is no size guide for watches for a reason, it is all down to personal choice.