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Choosing a Timeless Watch to Suit Your Style

Here at Lord Timepieces we embrace individuality.
It is great that we’re all unique and that men can express this through fashion. However with so many different watches and styles in the world, choosing the right luxury timepiece for you is often a daunting prospect. But don’t worry gents, Lord Timepieces are here to help. When it comes to choosing a timeless watch that suits your style down to a T simply read below…    
The Business Man: Suited and Booted
Are you the kind of man that lives in his suit? Whether it is due to personal taste or the fact you pretty much live at work, choosing a timeless watch to suit your love of suits is actually pretty easy. Classic watches with a contemporary twist like our Classic Date Black Watch (£65) will suit this style perfectly. It’s smart leather strap but modern face will compliment your classic, sophisticated attire.  
  Preppy: The All-American Boy
Does you look consist of chinos, smart knitwear, blazers and brogues? If you love Ralph Lauren then look no further. The preppy look is a classic one that has been around for years, it simply never goes out of fashion. Our Solitude Rose Brown(£65) might be just be the classic watch for you; although it's red/brown leather strap and rose gold case give it a bit of edge.  
Retro: Bold Shirts and Bow-ties
If you dress alternatively, taking pride in your quirky garments then we know just the watch to suit your style. Whether you wear vintage Nike or alternative charity shop bargains gold watches like our Classic Gold (£65) with a mesh chain are a little old-school just like you.
    Urban-Street: ‘Athleisure’
For those men with a vast collection of trainers and who take inspiration from the man behind Yeezys, choosing a watch to complement your style is admittedly tricky. We think we have the answer with our Solitude Black Blue (£65); matte black with a tiny burst of colour it is modern like your style.