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Unique Men’s Watches are Still the Most Convenient Way to Tell the Time

Do you recall watching that movie when the officer gazed upon his watch for the precise moment to give the signal to attack? Most likely, as this is a scene that has been played out in many movies over the decades. Can you picture a scene in a movie when the officer grabs his iPhone to countdown the time of the attack? Of course not, that would be an absurd scene. How about that scene where James Bond is lying in bed with a rather attractive woman and checks his watch, in a manner so smooth you could slip and fall on it. Now image Bond in the same scene, only he pulls out a Galaxy S6 and clumsily checks the time and his email, sends a text message and then plays a few rounds of Flappy Bird. If James did this, he would sleep alone every night.

The point we are desperately trying to make here is that timepieces are not outdated and still hold relevance.

Unique men’s watches are still the most convenient way to tell the time. Never mind the fact you look like a fool fumbling through pockets and pressing buttons to check the time when all you should be doing he slightly tilting your wrist to expose your fine watch. So if you want to improve the perception people have of you, simply buy a watch.

Many watches are powered by clockwork technology that predates even electricity. So when your smartphone runs out of battery, you can still trust your watch to give you the correct time.

That cell phone you carry around is a distraction, if it is not vibrating or making some sort of awful ringing, dinging or other noise, it is bulging from your jean pocket or being held as there isn’t a place to put it. You hardly even know you have a watch on your wrist, and you can bet it’s not going to give off some unnecessary alarm or signal when you least expect it.

Show the world, and your girlfriend, that you do have style and sophistication, buy yourself a nice watch.