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When Shopping Perfect Timepieces, Keep in Mind You Will Be Judged by What You Place Upon Your Wrist

Watches make real good indicators of one’s status or taste, or lack thereof, so when shopping for perfect timepieces, keep in mind you will be judged by what you place upon your wrist.

Since the great watch revolution of the 1980s, there has been a backlash against cheap looking watches, which is one reason you see very few Casio watches in public. There remains a great awareness the significance of the watch you wear.

There was a time when only watch enthusiasts would admire anything that wasn’t a Rolex or Timex, but those days have drifted away. Everybody now knows a watch is an indicator of wealth, prestige and fashion sense. And people are also smart enough to understand what watches don’t indicate. For example, someone wearing a Breitling isn’t necessarily a pilot just as someone wearing a Rolex may not be a professional diver.

When it comes to luxury watches, many are familiar with the names Patek Philippe, Dior and Panerai, just as they are familiar with the ridiculous prices attached to these watches. Now, sporting such a luxury watch on your wrist might attract the attention your desire, but at what price? The reality is you can dole out tens of thousands of dollars for a watch that looks just like any of the ones from our collection.

And would anybody know the difference?

Let us ask you, unless you are well-versed in the watch industry, could you tell the difference between a $120,000 Patek Philippe and a $100 Jaguar?

And if not, wouldn’t the savings of $119,900 be worth it?