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Why Burden Oneself with Affordable Luxury Watches?

Like face-to-face communication and tape decks, watches have seemed to have lost some importance in our lives. At least, that is what people who know nothing about watches tend to think. Many feel since their smartphones are attached to them at all times, there is really no need to burden oneself with affordable luxury watches. But we imagine these very same people who don’t wear watched for this reason would find almost any excuse not to wear a watch. But there remain many firm believers who feel that watches are worth wearing and here are a few reasons why.

The clerk at the grocery store hates it, the waitress at your favorite restaurant hates it and your mum undoubtedly hates it, sneaking a peek at your silly phone in the midst of a conversation or something else important to check the time. We have even heard stories of interviewees who are phone obsessed, and then they wonder why they never get a callback. Checking your phone all the time is just plain rude, so get a unique timepiece instead.

For those of us who have been wearing watches for years, we simply feel naked without one. For us, walking out the door without wearing a watch is like, well, leaving the house without a watch, we just don’t do it.

There are certain pieces of jewelry that just are not work appropriate, so you choose to leave them at home. But watches are the one item you can wear with free reign. You will never get in trouble at work for wearing a watch, regardless the statement it makes.

So go ahead, pick the watch you fancy most.