Our product

How are your timepieces designed?

We carefully select and source only the most compelling, sophisticated and luxurious timepieces from watchmakers across the globe, all fit to match our strict criteria of aesthetics, class and design to go with an appealing price tag too!

How are your timepieces so affordable?

Aesthetics, class and quality of design can often be overlooked in a world obsessed with expensive tags. Often people wrongly place more importance on the tiny brand logo that is discretely engraved in their timepiece than the intricate details and aesthetics of their timepiece. Here at Lord Timepieces we aim to provide irresistibly stylish, sophisticated timepieces that epitomise everything a man of success ought to be regardless of his disposable income.

How do I wind my timepiece properly?

Our self winding timepieces are designed to gain power from the natural movements of the wrist on the person who is wearing the watch, so manually winding it every day is unnecessary and you also do not need a battery. You do have to wind it to get its power started, and winding is also required when the watch gets low on power due to not being used for a period of time. Wind an automatic watch by turning the crown enough to jump start the power source, and then allowing the self winding mechanism to work by simply wearing the timepiece! If you are still unsure of the mechanical winding design, please see our ‘How To Wind Your Timepiece‘ page for more information.

Are your pieces water resistant?

Indeed they are! All of our pieces are at least 3ATM Water Resistant. This level of protection will easily withstand splashes or brief immersion in water, or getting caught in the rain. However, they are not sufficiently resistant for swimming, diving or bathing. Keep it classy!

My watch has stopped working!

Do not worry! For a self-winding watch to function properly, the mainspring must build up a sufficient power reserve. Many people are unaware that a self-winding watch needs to be wound first manually before it will run automatically. This is called the initiation process. Without the initiation process, the watch will never operate properly or consistently. To initiate the power reserve, the watch must be wound manually. Turn the winding crown at the 3 o’clock position, in a clockwise direction for about 20 revolutions. This startup wind is usually sufficient for most automatic watches. Please see our ‘Timepiece Mechanics’ page for further information.

My order

What’s your order process?

Our order process is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Upon completing your payment details during the checkout process, you should shortly receive a confirmation notice at the provided email address. A shipping confirmation email should follow after 1 - 4 business days. Email the customer service team on hello@lordtimepieces.com if further assistance is required at any point.

The item that I want is out of stock. What do I do?

Not to worry! Although we regularly replenish our stock, we could get your desired timepiece to you sooner if you email our team on hello@lordtimepieces.com.

How do I change or cancel my order?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have had a change of mind so we can accommodate your request. In this situation you should email us on hello@lordtimepieces.comwith your details and then leave the rest to us!

What is your return policy?

Get full refund within 7 days; replaceable within 30 days; repairable within 365 days Please refer to our ‘Happy or it’s Replaced’ return policy.

We offer a series of solutions including a 30-day money back guarantee and a replacement if requested. If for some reason you are unhappy with your item, you are eligible for a full refund if returned in brand new condition within 7 days. If the item incurs shipping damage, send us pictures of it via email on hello@lordtimepieces.com and a replacement will be with you shortly. Additionally, you may request a replacement at any point within 30 days of purchase date; your timepiece is also repairable within 365 days.

I didn't receive an email notification?

Please ensure you have checked your junk mail before emailing us on hello@lordtimepieces.com. If the email has still not been received and you have waited more than 15 – 20 minutes after completing the transaction, a team member will be more than happy to resend.

How secure is your website?

Our online store is protected by the most up to date security firewalls to ensure all data is kept secure. We understand how important secure payment is on any online store, and our checkout process is as secure as it gets. Our site is not only SSL certificate encrypted, but we also allow for payment including credit and debit card are through PayPal – the safest online payment system available.